Mene and Moy

Mene and Moy
Mene and Moy

Since 1985, Romulo Mene, a Brazilian cosmetic surgeon, and Laurence Moy, an American dermatologist, have been lending their expertise to research into cutaneous ageing.

Today, the fruit of their labours is embodied in the dynamic cosmetology range. A veritable alternative to surgery, the effectiveness of this program resides in the high concentration of the active ingredients used, notably stabilised vitamin C and glycolic acid which form the basis of each formula elaborated by mene&moy.

On a daily basis, the program revolves 2 periods: a revitalizing treatment in the morning and an exfoliating treatment in the evening. The mene&moy anti-ageing program considerably enhances the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to give firmer skin and an even skin-tone.

As a result, your skin regains its natural defences to combat the effects of UV radiation, pollution and the passing of time. mene&moy treatments are also recommended to complement and maintain cosmetic treatments such as peels, preparing, protecting and maintaining your skin, and enhancing the results.


  • Mene & Moy Facial C20 Lotion
  • Mene & Moy Face Cleanser (4% Glycolic)

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