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Cindy Knight Pricing

Treatment Prices

Our Prices start from:


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Signpost Chat for Overview of Treatments £0
Injectibles consultation with our Doctors £50
Botox consultation and treatment with Doctor £50 consultation fee
Soprano Titanium laser hair removal consultation and patch test £10
Laser/AFT skin rejuvenation consultation and test patch £10
Microsclerotherapy (for thread/spider veins) consultation with our Doctor £30
Excessive sweating consultation with our Doctor £30
Acne Clearskin Treatment consultation and patch test £10
Tattoo removal consultation and patch test £10
Nail bed fungus consultation and patch test £10
Accent Fat Reduction and skin tightening consultation £10
Obagi skincare Prescription service with our Obagi Dr £30
4Plus Radiofrequency Skin Tightening or Fat Reduction consultation £10

Injectables treatment

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Hyperhidrosis treatment £500
1ml Dermal Filler (mid to lower face) £310
2 ml Dermal Filler (mid to lower face) £530
3 ml Dermal Filler (mid to lower face) £710
Liquid facelift (Dermal filler) £800
Dermal filler to lip area £310
Dermal filler in tear troughs/temples or glabella £400
Microsclerotherapy initial treatment £220
Microsclerotherapy - further treatments £180
Profhilo skin laxity treatment one area (first time) £600
Profhilo skin laxity treatment 1 area (first time) 2nd session £0
Profhilo treatment one area top up session £300
Profhilo Skin Laxity treatment 2 areas per session £450
Profhilo Skin Laxity treatment 3 areas per session £600
1ml Restylane Skinboosters per session £220
3ml of Teosyal Redensity 1 skin booster treatment per session £350
Botox/Azzalure £120-£360

Laser Hair removal/Skin Rejuvenation/Facials

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Harmony Laser treatment for small red veins on face or legs £120
Cryopen treatment to skin lesion £60
Diathermy treatment to skin lesion £60
Accent Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment to face £220
Accent Radio Frequency fat reduction and cellulite treatment £160
Accent RF fat reduction and cellulite treatment 2 areas one session £280
Harmony AFT Photo-Facial One area £120
Harmony AFT Photo-Facial Two Areas £150
Harmony AFT Photo-Facial Three Areas £210
Harmony AFT pigmentation treatment only £100
Harmony AFT redness reduction treatment only £100
Clearlift treatment small area £100
Clearlift treatment one area £150
Clearlift treatment to two areas £200
Clearskin Active Acne laser treatment £110
Clearskin Active (Back) Acne laser treatment £200
Dermafrac Microdermabrasion treatment to Face £90
Delux Dermafrac Microneedling treatment to face £150
iPixel skin resurfacing £150+
Clearchoice Nailbed Fungal treatment £50 - £200
Tattoo removal treatment £50+
Soprano Titanium Face - 1 area £60
Soprano Titanium Face - 2 areas £90
Soprano Titanium Face and neck (if required) £110
Soprano Titanium PCOS Face OR neck £40
Soprano Titanium PCOS Face and neck £60
Soprano Titanium Body - 1 Small Area £90
Soprano Titanium - Body 1 Medium (or 2 small) areas £130
Soprano Titanium - Body - 1 Large (or 2 medium ) Areas £190
Soprano Titanium - Full leg front and back £220
Soprano Titanium - Full leg, underarm, and bikini package £320
Soprano Titanium - Face and body package £410
Soprano Titanium - Body package £370
Soprano Titanium - add on or scattered areas £30+
Old School Facial £50
Techie Techie Facial £65

Skin Analysis

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OBSERV 520X detailed skin analysis and treatment plan £20
OBSERV 520X review session £0

4Plus Dynamic Quadripolar Radio Frequency Treatment

Accordian toggle
4 Plus RF treatment Face £200
4 Plus RF treatment Face and Neck £250
4 Plus RF treatment Neck and Chin area £150
4 Plus RF treatment Eye area £100
4 Plus RF treatment Lip Area £100
4 Plus RF treatment Forehead area £100
4 Plus RF Treatment Body 30 min session £250
4 Plus RF Treatment Body 60 minute session £300
4 Plus RF Treatment Body 90 minute session £350

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