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Laser and Mechanical Treatments

Red Vein laser removal

Leg veins can appear as thin blue, purple or red veins and are not usually uncomfortable or painful but can affect your confidence. They may appear to look like a little branch of veins but can also appear as singular veins. These vascular lesions can be caused by standing for a long time, ageing, obesity, pregnancy, trauma, surgery or genetics and can be treated using the Harmony XL Pro LP: ND YAG Laser treatment. This can also treat red veins on the face.

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Red Vein laser removal

About this treatment

The LP ND YAG offers a powerful solution to treat both vascular lesions and deep veins. The extended duration of the Long Pulse 1064nm offers deeper penetration and more powerful heating which allows us to treat deeper lesions that cannot be treated with shorter wavelength lasers such as IPL.

This handpiece can also be used on the face to target veins and redness, but it works especially well on specific targets such as veins on the legs. It can also be used in conjunction with the DYE- VL handpiece for even greater results.

Red Vein laser removal can be used to treat:

Spider Veins

Red Veins

Purple Veins

Facial Veins

Venous Lake

Red Vein laser removal


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Red Vein laser removal


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Red Vein laser removal


How does it work?Accordian toggle

Thread/spider veins occur when the valves in our veins stop working correctly. Each vein contains a valve, which stops blood from flowing backwards and closes once the blood has passed through on its way towards the heart. We develop leg veins when these valves stop working correctly. Sometimes these valves can become damaged or weakened which can result in a small pool inside the vein. This pool causes a blockage when in turn causes the vein to expand and start to branch out. The LP ND-YAG handpiece targets Haemoglobin in the blood, producing a photothermal effect. This induces a process called photo-thermolysis in which the vessel becomes heated and breaks down. This results in reduction of veins.

How many sessions do I need?Accordian toggle

This depends on the size of the vessel being treated. Some vessels react very well after 1 treatment and others may take a few more sessions. We offer both individual treatments and courses. Your therapist may determine how many treatments you may need when you come in for a consultation.

What happens during treatment?Accordian toggle

During the consultation, a patch test will be carried out to determine what settings are best to achieve the desired result. This also gives you a chance to feel what the treatment is like. During your first treatment, the area will be cleansed and a cold ultrasound gel will be applied. The area may be marked out if needed. During the treatment you will feel a warm/hot snapping on the area being treated which lasts a short amount of time. The handpiece has an inbuilt cooling system, which is used to cool the area before and after. After the treatment, the gel will be removed. Aloe Vera & sunscreen may be applied.

How Much does a Red Vein laser removal Treatment cost?Accordian toggle

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What our clients say

A very professional yet friendly experience as ever. The procedure was completed quickly with very little discomfort, and the veins have disappeared under 2 weeks later.