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Injectable Treatments


Microsclerotherapy is an effective solution to unwanted thread veins on the body. Anybody that suffers from these unsightly veins will know that they can be distressing and feel debilitating, particularly when visible on the legs.

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About this treatment

Thread veins are the result of errant blood vessels in the body that no longer serve any useful purpose. These unwanted blood vessels do not carry any blood and are not essential to the circulatory system.

Microsclerotherapy involves using a solution, which is injected into the offending vein or veins. Unwanted thread veins are easily treated and in most cases a single application of the solution will cause the vein to shrink rapidly in size. In many cases, up to 75% of the unwanted veins disappear after treatment.



What is microsclerotherapy and how does it work?Accordian toggle

Microsclerotherapy is a technique used to rid the body of unwanted thread or spider veins. It involves injecting a solution called a ‘sclerosant’ into the vein, which will result in a slight swelling of the vein wall. In the case of small veins, this swelling will destroy the vein over the course of approximately two weeks. This will make the vein much less visible, or in some cases totally invisible.

Will I need to have several sessions of microsclerotherapy?Accordian toggle

This depends on the size of the vein. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your requirements with you and assess the best course of action. Typically speaking, veins that are not considered small may need further sessions, at intervals of approximately two to four weeks. Depending on your skin type and extent of veinage, we will be able to advise you better after your consultation.

Do the sessions hurt, and how long will they take?Accordian toggle

Most people experience very minimal or no discomfort at all, as the needle size is extremely small and the injection technique is superficial. You may feel a slight burning following the injections, but this usually passes quickly. We may advise you to wear a bandage or compression stocking for a few days after the treatment, to assist in the shrinking of the veins. Sessions usually last no more than 60 minutes, depending on the number of veins you wish to treat. You can normally resume your daily activities immediately after a treatment.

Are there any side effects?Accordian toggle

Some people do experience restlessness in their legs initially, particularly at night. This is normal, and due to the swelling in the vein walls. For up to approximately 30 days after treatment, veins may actually look more prominent than they did before microsclerotherapy. The points where your skin was injected may look like insect bits and itch slightly. You can expect to see the veins fade gradually over the course of around 8 weeks.

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t have microsclerotherapy?Accordian toggle

We do not advise microsclerotherapy for those people who have a known allergy to sclerosants, have a local skin infection, suffer from heart disease requiring surgery, have weak heart valves requiring surgery, have varicose veins caused by pelvic tumours, are unable to walk, suffer from diabetes, are pregnant or take the contraceptive pill. Red vein removal on the face and legs can also be treated using our lasers here at the Cindy Knight Clinic.

How Much does a Microsclerotherapy Treatment cost?Accordian toggle

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