Medical Peels

Medical Peels
Medical Peels

Throughout your twenties, nourishing and damage-prevention products will help keep your skin in good shape – Cindy maintains that prevention is always better than cure. However, if you are in your thirties, it will unfortunately take more than a good moisturiser to retain a youthful glow, or regain years lost through damage and neglect.

Medical peels are a step on from exfoliation. They remove the top layer of skin, which is invariably damaged by sun pigmentation, scarring from spots or suffering from poor skin tone. The result is a very noticeably younger, smoother and clearer complexion.
It is important to follow up any form of peel by using good quality, specially formulated products to encourage healing of the skin and to avoid neglecting the skin in the future.

Cindy Knight Clinic recommends various peels at the clinic including, skincare specialists Mene and Moy. These Brazilian products contain active ingredients and compounds that naturally occur in the skin to ensure their effectiveness. The difference with these products, compared with any other, is that the ingredients have been skillfully combined in order to pass through the skin’s surface and reach the dermis below. Most other products simply coat the skin and will provide only superficial benefits.

Cindy also recommends Theraderm’s range of skincare and cosmetics. This US brand works in a similar way to the Mene and Moy range and encourages renewal in the skin.

We will soon also be welcoming the Obagi Brand to the clinic.  This is the gold standard of skin care.

If you would like further information on the best products to suit your skin, please contact Cindy Knight Clinic for a skin consultation.

Medical Peels FAQ’s:

What exactly does a medical peel do?

Medical peels, sometimes referred to as chemical peels, rejuvenate the skin surface by removing the top layer of skin cells. This shedding of skin is even and controlled, and allows new layers of skin to be exposed, resulting in a youthful, fresh appearance, with an even skin tone.

How long will the results last?

This depends on your skin type and tone. Upon expressing an interest in a medical peel, you will receive a full consultation to determine the type of skin you have and the results you can expect. For more severe skin problems, several peels over a period of time or a stronger treatment may be advised.

Do I need to use special products after my peel?

Cindy Knight Clinic recommends that you use some associated skincare products after your peel. Many high street skincare brands are highly cosmetic, and can cause irritation and sensitivity.  The products stocked at the clinic have high levels of regenerative properties, and the active ingredients help your skin recover from the peel and limit any future skin damage from ageing or sun exposure.

Do medical peels hurt?

Once the formula is applied to your face, there will be a deep burning sensation that will last for approximately 20 minutes. This is normal. The more intense this feeling is, the better the peel is working. We have found that fanning the face often helps to relieve any discomfort you may feel.

Can anyone have a medical peel?

We will always carry out an in depth consultation to determine whether you are suitable for this treatment, but it is rare that people are not eligible for this procedure. All ages and skin colours can benefit from medical peels. The peel will not alter your normal colouring and will only serve to improve texture, tone and appearance. Most spots, spot scarring and brown spots are eliminated by a medical peel or course of medical peels.

Can I have a medical peel if I have sensitive skin?

It shouldn’t be a problem. Again, we can determine and discuss this during your consultation. Medical peels are hypoallergenic due to the washing and refining process of the formula. We can safely test the peel on a small, hidden patch of skin to test your body’s reaction to it.

Are medical peels a newly established treatment?

No. The current incarnation of medical peels was created by a New York doctor and pharmacist in 1937. It was initially used as a spot treatment, and to improve skin complaints such as blotchy skin, large pores, spots, blackheads and uneven skin tone.

How much does a Medical Peels treatment cost?

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