Harmony XL Pro comes to the Cindy Knight Clinic

29th October 2017

Harmony XL Pro comes to the Cindy Knight Clinic
Harmony XL Pro comes to the Cindy Knight Clinic

The latest in laser technology comes to the Cindy Knight Clinic Joining our successful Soprano ICE hair removal system, we welcome the Alma Lasers Harmony XL Pro system which has many hand-pieces to deal with many skin issues. We can undertake tattoo removal, nailed fungus, acne scarring, current acne issues, vascular lesions and pigmentation, including melasma. We can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and red spider/thread veins in the leg area. It also has the world-renowned Clearlift non-invasive facelift. This is virtually pain free and has no downtime.

The latest Clearlift 4D non-invasive virtually pain-free facelift. No more needles! A package of 6 once every 2-4 weeks can give your complexion a fantastic lift.  Clears pigmentation.  Remodels the underlying collagen and elastin.  The latest innovation that really works.

Acne: The Clearskin hand piece treats live acne and acne scarring.
Tattoo Removal: The Harmony XL Pro laser is also used for the removal of tattoos as it uses high power Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm and KTP 532nm laser light treatment to shatter the ink pigments. The size and colour of the tattoo may determine the number of treatments you will need.
Nail bed fungal treatment: Harmony XL Pro Clear Choice targets the source of the infection beneath the nail plate, clearing nail fungus within a few short treatment sessions.
Warts and Verrucae: Either of these viral problems can be eradicated using the Nd:YAG 1064nm laser. Treatments target the blood supply of the lesion, causing the lesion to regress within a few short treatment sessions.
Vascular Lesions including small red leg veins: By using the Harmony XL Pro laser energy that is delivered using long pulses which are then converted into heat in the tissue, you can now get rid of unsightly deeper veins, vascular lesions such as Cherry Angioma and most types of birthmarks.
Superficial Vascular and Pigmentation: By exposing a pigmented or vascular lesion to short pulses of visible light, the temperature in the highly concentrated area of haemoglobin can be raised sharply, enough to damage the vessel wall. The vessels and pigmented lesions are then absorbed by the body, making them less visible or completely destroying them.

Treatment areas include:
- Sun and Age spots
- Freckles
- Rosacea
- Superficial thread veins/blood spots
- Birth marks
- Brown patches (Melasma/ perfume staining)
- Skin rejuvenation (photo/sun damage)

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